verge (vʉrj)
the edge, brink, or margin (of something): also used figuratively the verge of the forest, on the verge of hysteria

to tend or incline (to or toward)
to be in the process of change or transition into something else; pass gradually (into) dawn verging into daylight

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey Baby

When I have dates with my DogBF Tucker, I get all smitten-y. But look at him--who wouldn't get all love sick and giddy around this boy? We did our usual top secret morning routine (see below) and then we decided to spend this Sunday like all Sunday diggin' dawgs do and throw the ball, take a hand 'n paw walk, make slobber faces and call each other Baby. 

During our mid-day walk today, we picked a bunch of flowers along the side of the road.  Day lilies, painted daisies, and Queen Anne's Lace were the offerings along the roadside buffet and we liked them all.

Hey Baby, those flowers you're picking are real pretty, he woofed.

Why thank you.  I love these the best,  I said back.

Wanna put them on the bench for our dinner tonight?  he asked me, all smilin'.

That would be really nice, I blushed.

After our walk and a little more practice catching pop flies, we had a rest and a couple of snoozes on the porch, and said goodbye.

I'll see you tonight for dinner, Tucker, Baby...

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  1. Good boy, Tucker.
    Good writer, Alice.