verge (vʉrj)
the edge, brink, or margin (of something): also used figuratively the verge of the forest, on the verge of hysteria

to tend or incline (to or toward)
to be in the process of change or transition into something else; pass gradually (into) dawn verging into daylight

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mending Mercy

Mercy has now had her first ordeal.  Thankfully, it's only a hip sprain--but wow--it's still a hip sprain!  I've concluded that she broke through some deep snow and pulled her hip trying to get out.  On Sunday, she curled up in a ball and didn't move--not even to eat or drink. Her right hind leg was pulled up tightly and tucked close to her side. She couldn't put any weight on it.  Heavens...After much hand-wringing, I took her to the vet and was told to give her 10 days of minimal activity.  That's right--10 days of rest from walks, runs, and playgroup.   Yikes...

So far, she isn't challenging the regime--but 10 days?  That's a long time in dog years.  So far, so good. I stopped to check on her this morning and found her smoking a bully stick and chillin'.  What I thought might be jail is actually the Cozy Crate Lounge. Let's hope for a speedy recovery.

[Confession:  I let her sleep in my bed over this.  Yeah, yeah, yeah--I'm so screwed....]

PS.  Don't know what a bully stick is?
            Chortle chortle chortle....

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  1. I think this is called rufffffin' it. She might be faking that sprain, I mean, who wouldn't! Comfy human's bed, cuddles, oooooohs and ahhhhhs, bully sticks, and (probably) Cheese. In spite of all that, get well soon, Mercy.